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There isn't a woman on the planet that hasn't experienced an unexpected accident for themselves or knows someone who has been through an embarrassing situation where they’ve had an unsightly stain on their clothes, during their period!

Whether you're a young girl transitioning to periods, or a mature woman that's been menstruating for years, or managing other similar leakage problems – it's downright embarrassing, humiliating and confidence shattering. And it's something NO ONE wants to go through.

These days with social media and instantaneous sharing of images and videos, young girls and women are in a worse position than ever before. With bullying, teasing and public humiliation through Facebook or other social networks at an all time high – girls are being emotionally attacked and ridiculed publicly. Girls these days don’t even need to have had a leakage! Just the simple fact that they've checked their dress for telltale stains initiates teasing from peers and embarrassment.

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